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 – STORY –

English Wizards was founded by English teachers, for English teachers, out of the necessity to provide teachers in Europe with a support system and community, which at the time did not exist on the continent.

Typically, the reality of teaching in Europe means that you are very much on your own. Schools will rarely offer any relocation support, and most prefer to hire teachers who are already in the country, either EU citizens or foreigners who already have a work visa. This means that teachers are often left to do everything themselves, which is a daunting process for someone in a foreign country who doesn’t speak the language. At English Wizards, we want every teacher coming to Europe to have the freedom to do what they do best (teach!), without worrying about all the little things, like if a visa will be possible, if a school will pay on time, or if that €20 taxi fare was actually a scam.

English Wizards has grown exponentially over the past few years and is now one of the most popular teaching abroad programs on the continent of Europe. Our company is currently based in Krakow and operating with teachers all over Poland, with plans to open branches in other destinations in Europe within the next year. 


Our programs are run by a dedicated tight-knit team based in Krakow, which we call “the family.” Not only is every member of our team highly experienced in what they do, but we have also all been in your shoes living abroad and work with 100% dedication to the well being of each of our Wizards.

Rob Ludwig 

CEO & Founder

Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia

Raised in Australia by Polish parents, Rob always felt his heart being called to Poland. His first experience was in 2004 where he fell in love with not only Poland but Europe. During his childhood his family was a huge supporter of home-stay programs, over 21 years worth, and as a result, felt he had already started to travel the world meeting all these different people from every continent.

In 2018, Rob moved his whole life to Poland and very quickly saw an opportunity, not only to help his fellow Polish people but to draw on his experience and provide a truly unique experience for teachers.

He is TEFL certified with tertiary qualifications in IT & Telecommunications, hospitality (cafe), property development and multimedia / photography based companies. A ‘jack of all trades’ would be fair to say but if you ask him, there’s always more to learn and people to help.

In his spare time Rob travels, scuba dives, road trips and finds ways to celebrate life wherever he can.

He’s a positive and energetic leader that does his best to motivate and inspire his team.


Nick Wood 

Operations Director 

Hometown: New York, USA

A founding member of the English Wizards team, Nick has called Krakow home for the past 3 years. He now overseas the development, marketing, recruitment, and day-to-day operations of English Wizards’ teaching programs. Before dropping his life in America and moving to Europe, Nick organized study abroad programs and lead educational tours in the USA.

A native of New York City, Nick began developing English Wizards’ programs after moving to Krakow and realizing how difficult it was for fellow Americans and other non-EU citizens to find legal work in Europe. True to his goals, Nick continues to work tirelessly to ensure the well being of every teacher on our programs. He will be your primary point of contact both before and after arrival for everything related to day-to-day life, visas, teaching jobs, and program support. 

When he’s not on the phone with teachers and support providers, Nick can often be found traveling Europe and attempting to discover the continent’s hidden wonders. On weekends, you’ll often find him hiking and kayaking in his current second home – the Tatra Mountains of southern Poland. 


Ricky Bland

Academic Director 

Hometown: Luton, UK

Ricky is an ESL teacher and teacher trainer with over 12 years’ experience in the field of ESL. He now serves as English Wizards’ Academic Director, running the teacher training courses and helping teachers have a smooth and successful teaching experience in Poland.

After working in 7 other countries, including Egypt and Ukraine where he served as Director of Studies for International House and British Council institutions, he decided to return to Krakow, which has been his home for the majority of the past decade. If you come on our Internship Programs, Ricky will not only be your instructor but also your main point of contact after you’ve arrived in Poland.

 Outside of the classroom, he has a passion for all things technology, motorsport, and adventure. He also loves to bring people together for fun and games, and has embraces his unofficial title of English Wizards’ community manager by organizing regular social events for the whole community.

Karolina Grzegorska

Administration and Support Specialist

Hometown: Rzeszow, Poland

Karolina is English Wizards’ key administrator and support extraordinaire. She is the vital cog in the team that keeps all aspects of the company running smoothly, all the paperwork in check, all the bills paid, and most importantly, all the teachers happy.

When she’s not busy working hard to making sure every teacher’s visa paperwork is in order and salary gets paid on time, she loves to take the adorable company dogs, Rocky and Leesi, out for walks. Even during the rough Polish winter! Karolina loves to travel, meet new people, experience new cultures, and of course try new and exciting food and fine wines everywhere she goes. 


Monika Juszczyk

Administration and Support Specialist

Hometown: Jaslo, Poland

Monika is another valuable member of administration, she works as Kara’s right hand and together they ensure each teacher is happy and able to arrive in Poland on time and without any problems. She loves meeting new people, which is why she does her best to make certain each teacher, after coming to Poland, attains the proper documentation and everything they need to receive their salary. Monika studies economics and loves to hike, travel and learn new languages in her spare time!


Alisha Anderson

Community Support Manager

Hometown: Washington, USA

Alisha is your go to gal for helping you get ready to make the move to Poland. She will be your first point of contact when you apply, and will be here for your support as you get ready to start your next adventure.

A West Coast native, Alisha has an extensive background as an English teacher, having taught in both Poland and South Korea for over 5 years. She has a background in law and business and loves to collect degrees. She has been traveler since her teenage years and plans to try and visit every country in the world.

When not at work reviewing applications to see who has the potential to be the next great Wizard, she is busy planning her future trips, going to cultural events, and riding her bike around the city. She likes to do atypical sports such as fencing, curling, rugby, kickboxing, and scuba diving. You can find her on the weekends at secondhand bookstores, relaxing by the river with friends or at a food truck festival with Indian food in one hand and Israeli food in the other.

Emma Lawrence

Community Care Manager

Hometown: United Kingdom

Emma came to Poland in 2017, after dabbling in some Teach Abroad experiences in China and the UK. After three years of teaching ESL in Kielce, like many expats, she gave in to the lure of Krakow and made it her home! As part of her role at English Wizards, not only does she review new applications and interview prospective Wizards, but offer ongoing support and assistance – whether that be assisting teachers with their resumes or dashing across the city to help out a new arrival. In her spare time, Emma enjoys taking her dog to the mountains in the winter, spending time around the city in the summer, and travelling around Poland with fellow recruiter Alisha.

Wojciech Antonik

Video Production Manager

Hometown: Węgorzewo, Poland

Raised in a small town in the north of Poland, always looking for a way to stand out.

He performed in the school cabaret and theater club, dreaming of becoming an actor one day. However, working on the other side of the camera proved more tempting.In 2011, Wojtek moved to Krakow to study Journalism and Social Communication. While still a student, he began to earn a living as a camera operator. Work very quickly turned into a passion and it will probably never change. In English Wizards community he tries to capture all great moments and brings some creative spark to the team.  

Wojtek is a huge Juventus supporter and F1 fan. He loves fantasy, sci-fi, cars and technology.

Your Fellow Wizards

Community Managers

Hometown: Citizens of the world

The front face of your experience with English Wizards will be your Community Manager.

Our Community Managers are hand-picked veterans of English Wizards tasked with the role of guiding you through the journey of becoming a Wizard, moving to Poland, and finding work as an ESL teacher. Your Community Manager will be the first person you speak with upon applying to English Wizards, and throughout your journey, he or she will remain only a quick message away whenever you need help.

Think of your community manager as your big brother (or big sister!), setting an example and leading you on a path to success in your new home away from home.