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The First Step To Working Abroad

Teaching English abroad can be your ticket to a brand new cultural experience. But before you start, the question is what do you want to do, and where do you want to go? We invite you to have a look at our diverse program options.


TEFL teachers with the proper qualifications looking to teach English in Europe can join our Freelance Teaching Program. Freelance Teachers in our program are free to seek out teaching work at any school, language center, summer camp, or business in Poland, and receive the full support needed to secure the best teaching positions in the country.

Teachers (or “Wizards” as we prefer to call ourselves) have the freedom to negotiate their own pay and teaching hours. Teaching options are endless – from the youngest toddles all the way to business executives.


Our Teaching Internships are the perfect starting point for new aspiring teachers to get started in TEFL. Through our internships, you’ll get TEFL certified (if you aren’t already) and then take an intensive training course to prepare you for the real world of teaching English. Then, you’ll begin a 4-month paid internship in the classroom.

We currently offer two internship programs: one for business teaching and one for teaching kids and teens.


Not a teacher but still looking to work with us? Stay tuned, as we will be soon be launching a new program geared to business professionals looking to take their career to a new level in Europe.

If you are interested in non-teaching work in Poland, feel free to apply and indicate so in your application and we will put you on our wait list for when we roll out our new program.