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Zoom sessions with English Wizards

Dear Future Wizards,

Ready to spice up your plans for Poland? At English Wizards, we're all about turning your move into an unforgettable adventure! ✨

Rob, our CEO himself is eager to meet you for an exclusive Zoom session. Whether you've got burning questions about visas, job opportunities, or simply want to chat about life in Poland, this is your golden ticket! ✈

Every 2nd Saturday of every month

09:00 CEST Poland time
[5pm - Sydney, 9am - Cape Town]

17:00 CEST Poland time
[11 am - New York, 8 am - California]

The English Wizards difference

A community for teachers

English Wizards is not a recruitment agency. We do not charge a recruitment fee to the schools where our Wizards work. As such, we choose our partner schools based off the value they bring to our teachers and greater community – and not based off who’s paying the highest commission. This also means that, as member of our teaching community, we will be working to match you with the school that’s best suited for your personality and teaching styles, rather than the one paying us the biggest finder’s fee for recruiting you.

Comfort and security

Trust us, we’ve heard all the horror stories. Schools that refuse to pay, schools that completely mislead teachers and leave them stuck in a contract, schools that cancel on a teacher last minute, the list goes on. No matter where you are teaching, the English Wizards community provides teachers with an extra layer of protection to prevent the worst from happening, as well as a safety net to catch you and help you stand back up should you end up in a tight situation.

Your ticket to Europe

Those from outside the EU looking to work in the European Union are usually faced with a “chicken and egg” situation: It isn’t possible to get a job offer unless you have a work visa, and it isn’t possible to get a work visa unless you have a job offer. At English Wizards, we provide a simple way around this by offering work visa services through our organization. We work closely with all of our partner schools to manage the visa process through our professional immigration and visa support staff.

The support teachers really want

From the minute you apply to the day you finally return home, our team will be there for your support. We are human beings and so are you; we hate call centers and automated email responders as much as you do. Furthermore, our teachers have access to a collection of exclusive online resources to help stand out, including an online system to log hours and calculate pay, an online resource library with all the lesson materials you’ll ever need for the classroom, and an online booking platform to market yourself to private students.

A genuine teaching community

The English Wizards community is built to bring English teachers who come from all over the world to teach in Poland into one community. Not only does this mean regular social events, language exchanges, and weekend excursions with your fellow Wizards, but it also means having a community of like-minded English teachers to connect with. This is one of the key steps to getting settled and feeling at home in a foreign country.

Contact info

Have any questions about our programs or want to know more about English Wizards? Fill out the form and we will get back to you in the next 24 hours.

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