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Teach in Europe

With English Wizards

Teach in Europe

With English Wizards

Teach in Europe

With English Wizards

Looking to Teach English

in Europe?

Europe has long been one of the world’s hottest TEFL destinations. At the same time, it is also considered the toughest to navigate. At English Wizards, we help take care of all the headaches and provide all the support necessary to access one of the continent’s hottest job markets


Get connected with the best schools through our teaching community 


We will help you get your work visa before you start teaching


The most welcoming teacher support community on the continent


Flexible working schedules to allow you to make the most of Europe



Our Vision

At English Wizards, we take a new approach to teaching abroad by creating a community and putting our teachers first.  Unlike other teaching abroad programs in Europe that charge thousands of dollars to match teachers with a generic classroom assistant job, our programs are built to empower you the teacher. Our focus is on giving every teacher the opportunity to maximize their potential as an English teacher in Europe.

We firmly believe that every teacher going the distance to work abroad deserves human support and legal working papers, and most schools in Europe unfortunately do not provide this. We also believe that no matter where you go, a teacher should feel welcomed by a community. This is why the English Wizards community exists.

We are currently based in Poland, a rising travel destination and economic powerhouse of the European Union. Poland’s modern economy, low cost of living, central location in Europe, and booming TEFL market make it an ideal destination for travellers wishing to teach English abroad.  

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