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At our heart, English Wizards is a community of teachers. Sure, we offer teaching programs, training camps, and visa services, but the core of our organization is our community.

Our Wizards come to Poland from all over the world with a few shared passions: teaching, traveling, and pushing boundaries to live overseas. We come together at work, training, and social events with the common goal of sharing a piece of our own culture and learning pieces of a new culture.

Where do we come from?

There are currently over 200 Wizards in the English Wizards community, and we represent a total of 32 countries of origin. We are proud to be one of the few TEFL programs in the world that is open to teachers of all nationalities.

Scrollover our handy little map to see where our current teachers come from!

By the Numbers

Nationalities Represented

The most common countries of origin of our Wizards are the United States, United Kingdom, and South Africa.

Visas Approved

English Wizards has assisted over 300 Wizards from outside the EU get work permits, visas, and residence permits to teach legally in Poland.

Social Events Per Semester

That comes to a bit over 3 a week on average, organized by ourselves and our partners in Krakow, and increasingly elsewhere in Poland as well!

Languages Spoken

All of our Wizards speak a native level of English; however many also speak other languages as first, second, third, or even fourth langauges! 

Schools We've Worked With

Our Wizards have worked at over 300 schools, businesses, and training centers all over Poland.

Median Age

We’ve had Wizards as young as 18 and as old as… well our older Wizards prefer not to say exactly. But we have welcomed many Wizards in their 60s and beyond on our programs.

We’re Social!

At English Wizards, we believe that having an active social life and making local is an important part of anyone’s experience teaching abroad. We are all social creatures, after all! 

We also believe that an integral part of living overseas is making friends with locals instead of just fellow foreign teachers. So we go beyond the basic orientation sessions and “first-week” team bonding events, and work with local partners and community managers to organize regular social events year-round. Not only for our Wizards – but for the local community as well!

In Krakow, we run an extremely active Facebook Group called Krakow Language Events where we organize 3-4 events per week for the community.

Why not see for yourself? 

Check our some photo highlights of what our Wizards are up to!